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3*. Academic Hiring Department or Organized Research Unit (ORU):

For FACULTY recruitment, please select an academic hiring department, as ORUs may not serve as the academic home. If this is a joint departmental search, you may select a joint academic home department or ORU in Question 4.


7*. Is this search the result of a proposed change in series action?

8*. Would you like the Office of Academic Affairs to post your advertisements?

11*. Select the series of this recruitment: (check off all that apply; search may not include both faculty and non-faculty academic series):


12*. Select the rank(s) for Faculty (e.g. Ladder, In Residence, Clinical X, Adjunct, HS Clinical), Professional Research, and Specialist series recruitment. Select a level for the Academic Administrator and Academic Coordinator series recruitment.


13. Select the document requirements for this recruitment (unchecked documents will appear “optional” to applicants):

14. Select the reference requirements for this recruitment: 

If you select "Reference Contacts", please indicate the number of references. Applicants will submit the names and email addresses of their references with their application.  You will then be able to solicit their references via the AP Recruit system. Letters solicited by the department through AP Recruit may be used in the Advance appointment packet for the candidate of choice.

If you select "Reference Letters", please indicate the number of letters. This option will allow applicants to solicit their references via the AP Recruit system, and any received letters automatically become part of the applicant’s application. Applicants will not have access to any received letters in the system. These letters may not be used in the Advance appointment packet.

19.  Search committees should be comprised of at least 50% underrepresented minorities or women for SOM; 25% minorities or women for SOP & SOD; and 25% minorities or men for SON(SOM: For the definition of underrepresented minorities, please visit:
Please indicate your acknowledgement below: